Transnationality and transnational cooperation is one of the cornerstones of the European project: working with a range of actors in other Member States to develop and improve methods, systems and policies across different policy areas.

Awareness of transnational cooperation and its importance has increased. Yet sufficient reliable, up-to-date information on the subject can be hard to find in just one place.

This is why Arbetsmiljöforum, supported by the European Social Fund, has created this website about transnationality. Its aims are twofold: to offer a well of information on how to launch a successful transnational cooperation and for the partners in Stockholm Region to sign up for training, exchange programmes and transnational networking.

Baltic Sea Network

The Swedish ESF Council, Managing Authority for the European Social Fund (ESF) in Sweden, will the coming years strengthen the transnational cooperation between projects funded by the ESF in the Member States. A particular focus will be on the cooperation between projects and stakeholders in the Member States in the Baltic Sea Region. Read more